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Ford Salutes Those Who Serve

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                       Ford Salutes Those Who Serve!

“Expressing gratitude can make a significant difference in one’s life.” Well, in this case, it drives to your driveway. The Ford military discount, or as they call it, Ford’s Military Appreciation Program, is an embodiment of that very sentiment.

The red carpet rolls out for our brave servicemen and women – those on active duty and veterans alike. It also extends its warm embrace to family members at home – because every hero needs a robust support system back home. You see, it’s not just about discounts; it’s more like appreciation of horsepower!

Are you curious to discover the special offers and benefits available? Let’s dive into the eligibility requirements. Whether you’re interested in the sleek Mustang Mach-E or a rugged Ford F-series truck, we’ve got something for everyone. So sit tight as we guide you through all you need to know!

Ford Salutes Those Who Serve Table of Contents:

Ford Salutes Those Who Serve Overview

The Ford Military Appreciation Program is Ford Motor Company’s way of expressing gratitude to our military’s brave men and women. This program includes a $500 bonus cash offer, exclusively available for active-duty personnel, veterans, retirees, surviving spouses, and other household members.

But this isn’t just about money; Ford shows their appreciation for the military by offering a range of advantages through its unique discount program. The appreciation runs deeper. Ford offers an array of perks through its military discount scheme as part of its commitment to supporting veterans and active duty members alike.

Military Appreciation: More Than Just Words

Active duty members from all five branches – Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard National Guard – are eligible for the discount, and those in reservist roles or under delayed entry/enlistment programs. It’s not only restricted to service personnel but extends to their families because they, too, serve in ways often overlooked.

The goal here is simple – help ease the financial burden of buying a new vehicle by giving back some love (and dollars) where it matters most.

A Salute That Goes Beyond Borders

This salute isn’t limited to U.S. borders either; international military sales are offered, so no matter where you’re stationed globally, an authorized Ford dealer is ready to make sure your car-buying experience feels more like homecoming than just another transaction. After all, who better understands loyalty than those committed enough to join uniformed services?

Eligibility for Ford Military Discount

Any branch of the military, including the National Guard, Air Force, Army, Navy, and Coast Guard – all active personnel members qualify. The program also includes veterans and separation retirees.

Family Members Too.

Ford understands that service is a family affair. So they extend their appreciation to spouses of active duty members, too. You heard right – if your partner serves in uniform, this discount is also for you.

Your Online Footprints

You might wonder how Ford knows if you’re eligible. They may track your online navigation to their site, but rest assured, personal information isn’t shared elsewhere. Your privacy remains intact while accessing these benefits.

Remember, folks: with great power comes great responsibility (and discounts.). Check out more about eligibility on the official website here. We honor our heroes by driving off into the sunset in style.

Benefits of Ford Salutes Those Who Serve

If you’re in the military, your commitment to duty deserves more than words of appreciation. That’s where the Ford Military Appreciation Program steps in with benefits like exclusive cash rewards and X-Plan pricing.

Cash Reward on New Vehicles or Leases

A major perk is an exclusive cash reward for active duty members towards purchasing or leasing a new Ford or Lincoln vehicle. You get a hefty $500 bonus that can significantly lower your upfront cost. Now, how cool is that?

X-Plan Pricing Advantage

Beyond this fantastic offer, you unlock access to X-Plan pricing—a special rate typically only available to employees. This means even more savings when getting your dream car.

A World of Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

Are you not looking for a brand-new ride? No problem. The program includes certified pre-owned vehicles—thoroughly inspected and ready-to-go options at competitive prices.

Your Finance Options Sorted

The finance department has got you covered, too. They’ll help determine payment plans that fit your budget while ensuring transparency.

Remember, it’s not just about giving back—it’s about showing appreciation for everything our uniformed services do daily.

How to Get a Ford Military Discount

The journey towards getting your hands on the wheel of a new Ford starts with understanding how to take advantage of their military discount. If you’re active military, a veteran, or part of the guard/reserve, there’s an offer waiting for you.

Step 1: Verification Process

To start, head over to Ford’s Military Recognition Program page. This is where all those who have served in uniformed services can learn more about this appreciation program. But first things first—you’ll need to verify your service status through, ensuring that only eligible members get access.

Step 2: Finding Your Offer

Once verified, click on Find My Offer, and let it guide you towards exclusive deals tailored just for our heroes. It typically requires basic information like branch served and duty status—nothing too complicated.

Step 3: Contacting Dealership & Test Drive Scheduling

Contacting your nearest authorized Ford dealership comes next. Don’t worry—they’re usually eager to help. While at it, why not schedule a test drive? You can experience firsthand what driving one feels like before making any commitments.

Remember, though—the offers are tempting, but don’t rush into anything without due consideration.

Ford Models Eligible for Military Discount

Are you a military member, a veteran, or part of uniformed services? Ford appreciates your service and has got something special for you. With the Ford Military Appreciation Program, you can enjoy exclusive discounts on various models, including popular choices like the robust Ford F-Series Trucks, sporty Mustang, and versatile Explorer.

The beloved Ford F-Series Trucks are always ready to work as hard as our brave servicemen and women. The power-packed trucks promise uncompromised durability, ideal if you need a vehicle up to challenging tasks.

A Quick Look at Some Popular Models Under This Program

If speed thrills you more than anything else, look no further than the iconic Ford Mustang. It perfectly embodies the American spirit – boldness combined with timeless elegance. Or maybe your family needs roomier wheels? Consider exploring options like the spacious yet stylish Ford Explorer.

Tips on Choosing The Right Model For Your Needs

Selecting from such a diverse range might seem overwhelming, but don’t worry. Consider factors like size requirements, terrain types where it will be used chiefly (city roads or off-roads), fuel efficiency, etc., while choosing your perfect ride.

Note: Different models have different benefits, so check all details before making any decision.

Additional Benefits and Programs

Ford X-Plan

The Ford X-Plan offers an exclusive pricing scheme only available for select groups, including employees of business partners or friends & neighbors of eligible employees. It typically requires participants to get a unique PIN from a sponsoring employee or partner member, but the rewards are worth it.

Ford Collision Center Services

If accidents happen, fear not. The company’s dedicated Collision Center services offer expert repair work using genuine parts specials at reasonable rates. Whether your Mustang Mach-E needs bodywork after an unfortunate scrape or your F-Series truck requires servicing post-collision – this service ensures peace of mind knowing your vehicle is in capable hands.

Restrictions and Limitations

Despite its salute to our heroes, the Ford Military Appreciation Program is subject to restrictions and limitations as any other offer.

Program Exclusions

A key restriction is related to the program exclusions. Not all Ford models are eligible for the military discount. For instance, certain performance vehicles, such as the Mustang Shelby GT500 or F-150 Raptor, might not be included in this cash offer.

Regional Availability

Your location also matters when applying for this discount. Regional availability can limit your ability to take advantage of these savings if you’re stationed outside the U.S., even though you’re serving on active duty.

Bonus Cash Offer

Last but not least, let’s talk about that bonus cash offer. It sounds great, right? Well… it does come with some fine print attached: The $500 Bonus Cash must be used towards a purchase or lease transaction and cannot just be pocketed as pure profit – no double-dipping allowed.

Click here (and read everything) before getting too excited about those shiny new wheels.

Ford Salutes Those Who Serve Conclusion

The Ford military discount is a solid salute to our servicemen and women. It embraces active duty personnel, veterans, and family members – all who’ve stood strong for our nation.

The benefits are plentiful! Exclusive cash rewards on new vehicles or leases, X-Plan pricing… even financing options have been considered. From the Mustang Mach-E to Ford F-series trucks – there’s something for everyone!

You now know how simple it is to get these discounts; verify your eligibility, contact your dealership, and voila – you’re cruising down savings lane! Remember, though, some restrictions apply.

Don’t forget other perks like the Veterans Appreciation Program or Collision Center services. At its core, though, it’s appreciation in horsepower!

A great ride awaits with this program by your side.

Want more military info? Find your nearest military recruiter here!