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Should I Join The US Navy? If So, How Should I Go About It?

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Before joining the US Navy or any branch of the US Military, do your homework by researching the schools that the Navy offers along with the jobs that you may have an interest.  To be candid, I recommend you do such research long before talking to your Navy recruiter.  If you do this, you’ll know the questions to ask that will best benefit you in the long run. By ‘long run’ I mean your life-long Navy career!  It’s your life, why take chances?

Begin with asking yourself, ‘what is my gift’ or ‘what would I like to do if I had to do it for free providing I have potential in this line of work?’  For example, I wanted to be a professional NFL defensive end but my 155 LB body had other plans for me.  Meaning, I had to face the music and research other possible career paths that I would be more worthy.

I strongly suggest that you then google these job titles along with each of the military branches.  Who knows, one branch may have advance training than the others that may dictate you to a branch other than of your current  interest. Think long-term. Read all you can about each job. If possible, contact someone who is an active or military veteran who worked this job in the past or present.  Think of it as a life-changing decision… because it is!

At the end of the day, it’s one of the most important decisions you’ll make in life. Not just for you, but your present or future family! It may effect your self esteem, contentment, and happiness in your career for years or decades, not to mention your finances.

One last thing, consider looking for a training school and career path that has promising opportunities when you one day depart from the military. It may be a fleeting thought now, but I promise one day it will become exponentially more important with every day while active in the military.

As a Navy veteran, and not a recruiter or government employee prospective, the  Navy is one of the military branches that offers a wide range of career training schools with great promise for your long-term future.

If interested, here’s a link if you’ve already done your research and ready to talk to your nearest US Navy recruiter.