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Who Is The Secretary Of The Navy?

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The Secretary of the Navy is the top civilian leader of the United States Navy, hand-selected by the President and confirmed by the Senate. Taking charge of a wide array of responsibilities, the Secretary of the Navy is responsible for the overall management, supervision, and direction of the Navy. That includes the recruitment and development of personnel, the maintenance of ships and aircraft, and the implementation of policies. Carlos Del Toro is the 78th Secretary of the Navy, sworn in on August 9, 2021.

Carlos Del Toro

Carlos Del Toro is a former United States Marine Corps infantry officer, an Iraq War veteran, and a decorated combat veteran. He is the first Hispanic American to act as Secretary of the United States Navy. He brings much expertise to the position, having served in the United States Marine Corps for over two decades.

Carlos Del Toro served in the military in several capacities after graduating from the United States Naval Academy graduate and Marine Corps Command and Staff College. He was the commander of the infantry battalion and brigade headquarters. The now 62-year-old’s committed and dedicated performance won various accolades, including:

  • the Bronze Star Medal
  • the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal
  • the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal.

After leaving the military, he established SBG Technology Solutions in 2004. The Alexandria, VA, company provides systems integration and engineering services to government and private sector clients in IT modernization, space systems, cyber security, and health and training.

The Secretary Of The Navy’s Role

The Secretary of the Navy is a crucial part of the United States Navy, collaborating with the Chief of Naval Operations, the Commandant of the Marine Corps, and the Naval Inspector General to guarantee the Navy is bolstered and able to carry out its duty. This post necessitates an intimate relationship between the Secretary, the President, and Congress to guarantee the Navy is given the resources vital to fulfilling its mission.

Carlos Del Toro serves several key functions as the Secretary of the United States Navy. He presents the strategic direction of the Navy and Marine Corps, controls the resources and budget, and oversees operations smoothly. Del Toro is also in charge of establishing the policies that will lead the Navy’s missions and guaranteeing that the Navy fulfills its objectives. He is also entrusted with developing new ways to improve efficiency and service quality. 

Del Toro joins the Pentagon at a stage when the Navy is attempting to build a long-term strategic strategy that keeps up with China’s increasingly advanced naval technologies. Del Toro, as Navy Secretary, will examine how to effectively balance readiness and modernization goals.


Are you looking to enlist in the US Navy? This major decision requires significant commitment yet can provide a rewarding and fulfilling career. You also get to serve your country and contribute to making the world a better and safe place for everyone. By understanding the role of the Secretary of the Navy, and the values and expectations of the Navy itself, you can better prepare yourself for this important and challenging career path.